When Life Tumbles In

"Catherine's been hurt!"

Cat's dearest friend, Brian, was not one of Doug's favorite people. Trouble followed him around. He was driving at the time of the crash. Now Cat would never be the same. "Not as good as new," the doctor said. "She's going to need help from all of you."

In a moment, life unraveled. Dad said they might even lose the house. So he took a promotion to district manager-one he didn't want, since it meant more time away from home. And Doug gave up his dream of college, took a job, and watched his girlfriend, Jill, head off to college as planned.

Then came the questions. The accident happened out on the Hannegan-a road the opposite direction from the mall, where they were supposed to be headed. And the policeman said Jill didn't have her seat belt on. But she always wore her seat belt. She remembered fastening it.

"Better if I'd died," said Cat from her wheelchair. But then she met Jase. And he introduced her to the marathon.

Doug and Cat discover that with God's help they can transcend their pain; that life can bloom again. This is a story of hope for all who face loss and ask, "Why me?"