Magazine A Love Stronger than Death


The story of the great controversy between Christ and Satan, recounting Satan's rebellion, the origin of evil, pain, and death in the human race, and God's final solution. Within this framework Satan's strategies for the ruin of man are revealed, and God's truths to keep man safe are set forth. Taken from The Great Controversy, Patriarchs and Prophets, and The Desire of Ages, this magazine addresses some of the most important issues of these times.


A mother's Love
In The Beginning
Love Creates
The Origin of Sin & Death
The Gift of Love
Life Everlasting
Lazarus Come Forth
The Sleep of Death
A Love Stronger Than Death
The Bible Says
Out of Body & Near Death Experiences
The Great Controversy Today
The Scriptures A Safeguard
Love's Tender Touch
Spirits of Deception
Additional Insights
Love Misrepresented
A Reporter Investigates
Champions of Biblical Truth
A History of Error
The Final Deception
The Manner of His Coming
The Millennium
Thought Questions Answered
Are the Wicked Indestructible?
The Annihilation of the Wicked
Sin and Death Destroyed
Love's Eternal Reward
Magazine, 8 x 10½, 32 pages.