Angel Commissioned

On December 4, 1943, Minnie Schmidt boarded an ocean liner in the Los Angeles harbor, her final destination, Cali, Colombia, South America. As the ship cruised out of the harbor and into Pacific Ocean, the clear waters had never seemed to reflect the vivid blue sky more brilliantly than at that moment. And she could hear more clearly than ever the Colombian Choco Indians calling to her, "Come and help us."

After years of working and studying, scrimping and saving, planning and praying, Minnie was finally on her way to fulfill her dream. But what really lay ahead for her mission work in Colombia?

Angel Commissioned presents the exciting and miraculous true story of a determined and resourceful woman who knew what God had called her to do and wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Written by the daughter of one of Minnie's friends, this story is sure to bless and inspire, carrying into the future the work begun on the day when Minnie answered, "Here I am, Lord. Send me."